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SoulCybin – Ceremonial Blend is a powerful combination of Mazapetec Psilocybin Mushrooms (known for a more spiritual experience) and Wild Crafted Organic Syrian Rue (to potentiate the effects of the Psilocybin), in a unique ratio that creates a deeply spiritual and consciousness-expanding experience.

This powerful formula is sure to expand your awareness and is deliberately created to bring you deeply into a cosmic merging with a deeper understanding of who you really are, and the essence of All Life.

This formula is hand-crafted with loving prayer, and delivered in a glass amber bottle, with 20 capsules per container.

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Buy Ceremonial  Blend – “The Journey” Online

What is the Ceremonial Blend – “The Journey”?

Ceremonial cacao Blend – “The Journey”, This formula is consciously crafted to provide a highly spiritual and ceremonial journey with psilocybin. While many of our products are designed as microdoses, this blend is specifically designed for a deeper ceremonial journey for those who are ready to experience the ancient healing powers of all that psilocyin can truly bring us. Ceremonial cacao 

With three unique strains of sacred psilocybin mushroom (two of which were cultivated by our team), this blend is desigend for spiritual healing and expanding consciousness.

The result is a potentially life-changing experience, when one is in the right state of mind to experience the deeper gifts of psilocybin. Ceremonial cacao 

If you are looking for a powerful shift in perspective, and for a sacred moment, to see past the struggles, challenges and hardships of life, which could potentially shift your path forever… then this Ceremonial Blend, is designed and intended to give you exactly that.

Important Information – Please Read

This formula is intended and designed for people who are in a healthy mental state; do not consume if you have any mental-health conditions, or psychiatric or neurological disorders.

Do not operate a car or other heavy machinery while taking this product.

This formula is designed for sacred prayer, with intentions to heal within, discover one’s deeper essence, and connect with the greater life-force of all reality. Ceremonial cacao 

Read our ceremonial guide here to learn how to get the best experience with this medicine.

Additional information

500mg Proprietary Blend

Capsule Quantity

20 Capsules


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